Taxi Web

Call a taxi through the Internet


What kind of service it is:

It is a new way of calling a taxi in Bologna, offered by company C.A.T. through a normal computer connected to the Internet or through a smartphone.

For whom it is suitable:

  • For people who often need to call a taxi in a quick, simple and easy way.
  • For small hotels
  • For shops and commercial activities
  • For big hotels that need to call a taxi from different calling positions


  • The service is free of charge.
  • The customer’s address has already been saved in the database.
  • It is possible to call taxi automatically, without having to wait for the operator’s reply.
  • It is possible to specify the desired characteristics of the arriving taxi. The range of possible vehicle characteristics is bigger than through a traditional phone call.
  • No physical installation space necessary.
  • No dedicated phone line necessary.
  • It is possible to add some brief notes that will be sent to the arriving taxi driver, e.g. the room number or the customer’s name.

How to activate the service:

Registration is necessary. You only need to fill in the following form. After a few minutes, you will receive your personal username and password at the indicated e-mail address and it will be possible to have access to the service

Nome (richiesto) SOSPESO

Cognome (richiesto) SOSPESO

La tua email (richiesto)


Indirizzo di prelevamento (richiesto)


Il sottoscritto dichiara di aver letto ed accettato espressamente le condizioni generali sul trattamento dei dati personali ai sensi del D.Lgs 196/2003

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