SMS Taxi

11Call a taxi at the cost of an SMS

What is it:

A new way of calling a taxi cab in Bologna and its province through your mobile phone, offered by company C.A.T.

How to use it:

To call a taxi cab, you only need to send an SMS to one of the following numbers:
333 333 0749 (for Bologna and its province) o
336 673 0000 (for the rest of Italy).

In the text of the SMS, write the name of the pickup street in Bologna (or square, boulevard) and civic number.

The system forwards the incoming requests to the Radiotaxi central unit of the competent town or city and immediately sends the customer an SMS in reply:
“We are currently looking for a taxi. Please wait for a confirmation via SMS. Thank you”.
After a few seconds, the customer will receive a second SMS:
“Taxi found! Taxi “Lione 20″ is arriving in 3 minutes. Thank you”.

via Rizzoli 24 (if not specified, the customer refers to the city of Bologna)
via Rizzoli 10 Roma

The cost of the SMS depends on the mobile phone operator and on the customer’s contract. There are no additional costs by company C.A.T.

Save money: You only need to send one SMS to call a taxi, without having to wait on the phone for a confirmation of the arriving taxi.

Speed: You don’t have to wait for the central unit telephone to be free.


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