Taxi Web

service is:

A new way to call the taxi to Bologna
Offered by C.A.T. Through a normal computer
Connected to the Internet or a mobile handheld.

How to
activate the service:

You must register by filling in your details by filling out the following form, after the specified mail you will receive personalized username and password to access the service.

Call a taxi via Internet

Registered Users

Who is
aimed at:

-All those who need frequent Taxi service through a quick, easy and convenient procedure.
-Piccoli hotels
-Business and business
-Grandi hotels that need to call the taxi from various locations

of the web taxi app:

It’s a free service.
The customer’s address is already stored in the control panel.
It is possible to call the taxi automatically, without having to wait for an operator’s response.
It’s possible to include any features that you will need to have a taxi. The choice of these features is wider than our traditional call apparatus.