The taxi regulation of the bolognese sub-municipality area.

The Card of the Services of the City of Bologna.


Raise your hand without fear, if the driver does not stop, it means you are already busy, or you may be too close to a parking lot. At night the owl on the roof of the car is illuminated if the taxi is free. If the taxis you are stopping are all busy you are probably free those who go in the opposite direction.


Going to one of the many pitches spread throughout the city. You take the first in the row. If there were no attendants waiting in an orderly row. The above mentioned modes are the cheapest because the taximeter is part of the customer’s ascent.


By calling one of the many staged places on the territory, there will be one or more of them at the address you want. You will be asked by the taxi driver who will give you the exact address. Specify any required taxi characteristics such as: low, high, wagon, pets, credit card, more than four people, out of town, etc .. Taxi with the number or number that was previously provided. The numbers we give you here below. Advice: Make the phone ring as much as possible. The taximeter starts off from the parking lot and then you pay for the route made to reach the address.


By calling the radiotactic you will speak with a switchboard, which you will need to provide an exact address including civic number and other useful information such as the name of the firm, shop, outpatient clinic or anything else that you have previously established. Specify the required taxi characteristics. The power station will put you in wait for a moment and then give you the taxi’s name and the minutes of arrival. Always make sure you get on the taxi you are assigned to and if beyond the reasonable waiting time the taxi does not arrive, contact the control center. The call booking is only possible via radio taxi. The taxi will be at the required address with a five minute tolerance . If not, contact the control panel. It is not advised to call the radiotax from the stand if it is empty. You may not be able to find the taxi by spending a lot of mobile phones. At the limit, move around and give a reference to a civic number, otherwise point to any taxi that passes. He will alert him to the radio station saying that you are on the stand. Also, avoid giving the corner as a reference. At the address the taximeter must NOT exceed the fixed tariff roof, plus the radiotax surcharge.

It’s good to know that …

By telling the taxi driver, at the start of the race, the desired path is removed from the embarrassment of choice; Otherwise the taxi driver will perform the most functional route for economy and time.
You must always be present at the taxi driver if you will be busy for more destinations or with expectations. At the end of the race you must check that you have not left any object on the taxi. Not always the taxi driver is able to make it or bring it to “lost items” as it often falls to the ground at the time of descent or, at times, the next user is seized.
The driver is not obliged to load pets except blind dogs for blind people. The driver is obliged to run racing in the district area, outside such a field race is optional. For security reasons, the taxi driver is not provided with much money so he is not able to change large cut banknotes, possibly agreeing before climbing.

The driver may refuse the ride to the user who is present in a state that does not conform to decency or decorum, or is in a state of obvious alteration; Also in a person who, during previous services, has caused damage to the car, has become insolvent or has suffered serious misconduct. In the event of a waiting by the user, he must at least correspond to the amount indicated by the tax meter. It is good to anticipate the amount and set a maximum waiting time that the taxi driver will be able to move away.

The driver can refuse races that involve service extensions of more than 30 minutes per shift.
The damage caused to the taxi must be reimbursed, so pay attention to dirty and mischievous bags placed on the seats; To consume meals, drinks and ice creams as, while paying attention, just a little braking and damage the upholstery.